27 de July de 2015

Exercise and live longer

Most everyone knows, or is aware by now, that getting plenty of exercise is absolutely key to good health in general. But how many know that by exercising, you end up living longer as well? Exercise: Cut Your Risk of […]
24 de July de 2015

Detoxifying your Body

It’s a fact: toxins are everywhere. About the only way we can avoid them is if we all lived in bubbles. But that’s not exactly a logical move. What is logical is removing as many toxins from our […]
24 de July de 2015

Healthy Diet: Cut the Sugar

An ideal body is different from a healthy body. Many people misunderstood it. They are thinking that when they achieve the body that they want, they are healthy. A healthy body is not a perfect body, but a […]
24 de July de 2015

Wash your hands overtime

For health and safety purposes, particularly at work, it is absolutely vital that you wash your hands as regularly as possible. This will ensure that not only you, but also the people that you work with, are in […]
24 de July de 2015

Fruits on Brazilian Diet

The craving for sweet, citrusy, tangy, or refreshing tropical fruit can take over without warning.  Luckily, if you live in Brazil or have access to delicious Brazilian food, you’ll be able to take care of that fruit craving […]
24 de July de 2015

Exercise, the best diet!

Are you looking for a way to increase your stamina, experience a healthy mind and body, and avoid health problems? You might think the answer is a prescription pill, an expensive diet plan, or something else that requires […]
24 de July de 2015

Fruits are Healthy

Eating a daily diet filled with delicious, healthy fruits has a multitude of health benefits that include body health, a reduced risk for chronic conditions, protection from certain types of cancer, weight loss, and can improve your skin […]